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Our favorite sites for teachers who are preparing students for MEAP and NAEP tests

    Writing anchor papers organized by grade level and writing type (persuasive, etc.)

    Teach-nology - worksheets, activities organized by grade level, technology resources

    Virtual Manipulatives (by strand in Math)

    Quick reading level assessment

    Worksheets to print

    Math Webquests


Math Resources aligned with standards


Common Core State Standards Initiative Resources

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Internet Resources – Meaning and Communication # 1-3


Guidelines for good listening - Teacher tools

Listening for young learners - Teacher tools

Mystery Pictures: Following Oral Directions - Lesson plan

Listening and Following Directions: Lesson Plan

Show and tell and other activities - Teacher tools

Theater for elementary grades - Teacher tools

Language development in the elementary grades - Teacher tools

Improving Children's Listening Skills - Teacher tools

Story Telling Lesson Plans - Lesson plans

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Writing prompts - Students

Letter writing - Students

Email exchange, an article - Teacher tools
Kidlink: linking children throughout the world through email - Teacher tools
Writing template - Students
Students write and post their own stories here. - Students

Vocabulary Lesson Plans - Lesson plans

Vocabulary Resources - Teacher tools

Language arts links elementary - Teacher tools

Root words - Students (drag and drop root words)

Dictionaries - Students

Thesaurus - Students

Vocabulary builders - Students (fun vocabulary games)

Reading vocabulary lists - Teacher tools

Word find - Students

Quality of Writing

Elementary writing instruction resources - Teacher tools
Handwriting for kids - Students
Handwriting worksheets - Teacher tools
Spelling lesson plans - Lesson plans
Spelling lists - Teacher tools
Interactive quizzes - Students
Fact Monster punctuation - Students


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Grammar Directory - Teacher tools

Daily Grammar Quizzes - Teacher tools
Interactive Grammar - Students
Grammar Bytes - Students
Grammar Lessons - Lesson plans
Reader's Digest Word Power - Students
Grammar Blast - Students  
Language Arts Projects   - Teacher tools
Word Central! Kid friendly dictionary site - Students
Language Arts fun     - Students
Kids' Spot place for kids to publish their writing. - Students


Internet Resources – Standard #4   Language

English Language


Amerispeak - Growth of American English - Students
Regional dialectics - Teacher tools
Organization of dialect diversity - Teacher tools
Slang, U.S., U.K., Australia - Lesson plan
Atlas of North American English - Teacher tools
Slang Lessons - Lesson plans


Phonemic awareness in beginning reading - Teacher tools
It's fun to read - interactive reading (K-3) - Students
Reading sites for kids - Students
Primary reading - Lesson plans
Printable activities - Teacher tools
Reading sites - Teacher tools
Dolch lists - Teacher tools (high frequency word lists and activities)
Beginning Consonants and Interactive Phonics - Students


Internet Resources – Standard #5  - Literature


Literactive - Teacher tools
Compare and contrast - Students
Compare and contrast - Teacher worksheets
Language Arts resources - Teacher tools
Point of view - Lesson plan
Reading plans - Lesson plans
Teaching critical reading through literature - Teacher tool

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Identifying Genres  


Teacher’s Search Engine - Teacher tools

Book Spot - Teacher tools

Science Fiction genre - Students

Children’s literature web guide - Teacher tools

Children’s Literature Associations - Teacher tools

American Library Association - Teacher tools

Children’s book authors - Students

Book lists by genre - Students

     Book lists - Students

Literature on the Internet by genre - Students (directory)

The Gutenberg Project: works in the public domain - Teacher tools


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Identifying Theme in Literature   

What is theme? - Students

Themes in children’s literature - Teacher tools

Theme definition - Students

Folktale Themes - Teacher tools

     Finding the Theme - Students


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Structure and Elements of Fiction  


Literary terms - Students

Elements of fiction - Teacher tools

Elements of a successful story - Teacher tools

Children's Literature web guide (Canada) - Students

Children's fiction links galore - Students

     Fiction Versus Non-fiction - Students


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Poetry lesson plans for busy teachers - Lesson plans

Yahooligans poetry links - Students

Poetry lesson plans from teachers - Lesson plans

Magnetic Poetry - Students

Kid-Friendly Poetry Sites - Teacher tools

Edward Lear - Students

The Art of Haiku - Students


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Bulfinch's Mythology complete text - Students

Geography of mythology - Students

Egyptian mythology - Students

Mythology links rated - Teacher tools

Myths and legends of Native Americans - Students

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Standard 6: Voice


Grammar and Language Structure Sites for Kids


Grammar Directory - Teacher tools

Daily Grammar Email Quizzes - Teacher tools
Interactive Grammar - Students
Grammar Bytes - Students
Grammar Lessons - Lesson plans
Reader's Digest Word Power - Students
Grammar Blast - Students  
Language Arts Projects   - Teacher tools
Word Central! Kid friendly dictionary site - Students
Language Arts fun     - Students
Kids' Spot place for kids to publish their writing. - Students




Mrs. Dowling’s imagery page - Students

Visit this page for sensory inspiration - Students

Tips on sensory writing - Students

Language arts lesson plans - Lesson plans

Literary analysis terms and definitions - Teacher tools

Creative Writing for Kids and More - Teacher tools


Standard 7: Skills and Processes


American Association of School Librarians - Teacher tools
Research for a Science Fair Project - Students
Big Six Research Skills - Teacher tools
Big Six for Kids - Students
Research skills worksheets - Teacher tools
Kids Guide to the Dewey Decimal System - Students
Library Skills Instruction - Lesson Plans
Web searching techniques for kids - Students
Google search tip posters - Teacher tools
Evaluating web pages - Teacher tools
Internet search tools - Lesson plan
Information Please fact monster - Students
Wikipedia - Everyone


Drawing conclusions - Students
Graphic organizers - Teacher tool
Organize ideas - Teacher tools
Identify main idea - Student quiz
Main idea - Quizzes
Following directions - Lesson plan
Process activities - Teacher tools
Reading fun - Students
Reading quizzes in the content areas: (Science, planets) Students quizzes
Interactive online reading activities: Students
Early Reading: Interactive phonics, etc. Students


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Math Resources: Learning Standards for Mathematics


1 - Number and Operations

2 - Algebra

3 - Measurement

4 - Geometry

5 - Data and Probability


Math Reasoning - Word Problems


General Lesson Plan Links - Teacher tools

Ask Eric Database of Lessons - Lesson plans

Virtual Manipulatives - Teacher tools

Interactive activities - Students

Number and Operations

Very basic counting skills - Students
Activities for number sense and operations - Students
Easy Lessons in number sense (some Spanish) - Students
Ask Dr. Math - Lesson plans
Teacher made tests in math and more - Teacher tools
Number Sense - Lesson plans
Education Planet, general math Teacher tools
Lesson Plans - Lesson plans
Using Calculators in the primary classroom - Teacher tools
Frank Potter's Math - Teacher tools

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All about patterns Annenburg Project - Teacher tools

Unit and Lessons on Patterns - Lesson plans

Patterns and Relations - Teacher tools

Patterns in math - Teacher tools
Patterns and Picture Books - Teacher tools
What comes next? - Students
Print your own graph paper - Students
Let a calendar teach algebra - Students
Easy Algebra Equations (interactive) - Students
Algebra Interactive - Quizzes

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Elementary Measurement - Lesson plans

Can you fill the containers with liquid? - Students

Measurement Game - Students

Tangrams and other games - Students

Measurement lessons  - Lesson plans
Primary Measurement Lessons - Lesson plans
Teaching the metric system - Teacher tools
Elementary teacher's math page - Teacher tools
Elementary math by strand - Teacher tools

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Intro to Geometry for young children - Teacher tools
Geometry Lessons - Lesson plans
Basic Understanding  - Teacher tools
More lessons - Lesson plans
Interactive Geometry - Teacher tools
Tesselations - Teacher tools
All About Measurement - Students
Illustrated lessons - Students
Fact Monster measurement quiz - Quiz
Metric measurement - Quizzes

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Data Analysis and Probability

Census: Statistics for Kids - Students

Easy Probability - Students

Data Analysis Learning Units - Teacher tools

Probability, statistics printables - Teacher tools

Probability lessons - Lesson plans

Probability games - Students

Probability game - Students

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Math Reasoning and Connections (Extras)

Math Reasoning Puzzles - Students (advanced)
Figuring Out Math Problems - Students
Math Practice - Concepts - Students
FunBrain Math Arcade - Students
Word Problems - Teacher tools
Quia Problem Solving - Students
Virtual Manipulatives - Teacher tools
Stuck on a Problem? - Students
Math for Kids Problem Solving - Students
Problem Solving Worksheets - Teacher tools
Strategies - Teacher tools
Math Problem Solving Model - Teacher tools

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